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Mirrorball Mayhem - The ORIGINAL, Unofficial "Dancing With The Stars" Podcast!

Welcome to the "Mirrorball Mayhem" archive! You can find complete episodes recorded during seasons 9-22 of "Dancing With The Stars" (minus season 19, which we took off), recorded between 2009-2016. The show ceased production in the spring of 2016, but we continue to have a good deal of interest in the show and will leave the show up in archive form at least through summer 2017.

Jun 2, 2010

Welcome to the Season Ten Wrap Up Show for  Mirrorball Mayhem, the Dancing With The Stars fancast, presented by Popcorn N Roses!

Well, season ten is over, and congrats to Nicole and Derek! Now, it's time for Kim and TC to sit back and have their say about the whole season. Plus, we'll give away our first seasonal "Bally" awards, and read your email, and make some observations about what we'd like to see for season eleven, coming in September!

Plus our Year End scores for everyone's favorite feature of MM-DWTSFC - "Judge The Judges"! 

We will be doing FOUR MM Summer Season specials, beginning on June 29th - we'll bring you some updates on DWTS Alumni, and also look at some of the top dances for prior seasons!

Each week during the Dancing With The Stars seasons, hosts TC Kirkham and Kim Brown offer up a humorous commentary on each weeks' show, each week's celebrity performances, judges commentary, and each week's elimination.

Each new show (except the finals coverage) will be posted about 1 hour after the end of each week's results show!


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