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Mirrorball Mayhem - The ORIGINAL, Unofficial "Dancing With The Stars" Podcast!

Welcome to the "Mirrorball Mayhem" archive! You can find complete episodes recorded during seasons 9-22 of "Dancing With The Stars" (minus season 19, which we took off), recorded between 2009-2016. The show ceased production in the spring of 2016, but we continue to have a good deal of interest in the show and will leave the show up in archive form at least through summer 2017.

May 28, 2016

Mirrorball Mayhem - Season 22 Week 10 - THE FINALS!! - May 27 2016

WE'RE BAAAAAAAACK!!!  DId you miss us? We hope So! And Thanks for dancing into the ballroom with Mirrorball Mayhem, the original, unofficial Dancing With The Stars podcast!

THIS WEEK: Week ten - THE FINALS! Yayayayayayayay!  All the work of the final three couples have paid off in a two night extravaganza that will knock your socks off! Kim and TC have the scoop on the three competition dances, the finale, and the Season 22 CHAMPIONS!

A quick note - We are sorry we're so late with this; we both got hella sick last weekend, barely made it through watching the shows, and the editing job on this show to get rid of our coughing has been a chore - I got most of them, although i'm still hacking under Kim in a few places, sorry, couldn't be helped!

Stay tuned, folks - there's still TWO more shows to go - Kim and TC's official Ballies and YOUR MINION BALLIES! Watch the website for details early next week on your voting and how to be a part of it!

Check regularly our website, , to find out the latest gossip, check out our new weekly polls, and a lot more - tons of info during the week, so don'tcha dare miss out by never checking the site out - stop by EVERY DAY!

Each week during Dancing With The Stars seasons, hosts TC Kirkham and Kim Brown offer up a humorous commentary on each weeks' show, each week's celebrity performances, judges commentary, and each week's elimination.


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